Sunday, January 04, 2004

Yeah yeah, it's another poem. If you remember the old blog of mine, and if you read the list of things I like, you would have seen I like poetry. :) What can I say? Well I'm thinking that by now, this post you're reading has become so long you probably don't even know why I'm linking to this poem... heh, that's all right.

Oh, and please don't steal this. I'd cry. And then I'd shove a pitchfork up your arse. Just email me if ya wanna borrow.

We Were the Saddest One
Every song on the radio today
was about love failed and bereft
and as I drove the fork in the road
I had to force myself to turn left
I remember that song
The one you said they played too much
They played it as I drove by your place
and I felt so out of touch
I turn expecting to see you next to me
I forgot I let you out behind me on this road
And so I hum a little melody
The saddest one I know

If you and I were a song
we would be the saddest one
In low notes and in sorrow
we would be surpassed by none
Strumming softly, darkly
With far less upstrokes than down
A sea of melancholy harmony
In which we would drown
When we had played ourselves out
And when our song was done
The tearful faces would nod and agree
That we were the saddest one
We were the saddest one

As I look out the window
I remember the things you never said to me
And sometimes it doesn't feel so great
to suddenly feel this free
Did you know our music no longer plays?
Sad echoes are all I can hear
Did you know despite what I said
Sometimes I just want to feel you near
I turn expecting to see you next to me
But you let me let you go
And so I hum a little melody
the saddest one I know


It's over now, it's over now
Time to forget what we begun
But I want you to know I'll never forget
that we were the saddest one
we were the saddest one.
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01/01/2004 - 02/01/2004  

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